Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WPF Loading Panel

Having a nice loading panel with a progress bar showing that some work is in progress is a very cool feature to any application.

With this control you can show a loading panel as you are going and fetching data from the database, it will update your window with up to date progress messages.

<ctr:LoadingPanel x:Name="loadingPanel"
IsLoading="{Binding PanelLoading}"
Message="{Binding PanelMainMessage}"
SubMessage="{Binding PanelSubMessage}"
ClosePanelCommand="{Binding PanelCloseCommand}" />

Loading Panel

Please let me know if this helps you.


Aymeric Nguyen said...

Clear and useful example. Thank you !

feral said...

Thanks that made it easy for me to implement an IsLoading property in my control :)

sevdalone said...

works like a charm thanks

Ilya Kogan said...

A great example, thank you very much!

Rita said...

thank you a lot, it helped me to make a similar thing.

Anonymous said...

Helpful however I cannot get over how complex for a spinner for Petes sake....not convinced about WPF

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this!!! I needed a spinner like you made and was able to drop yours in in like 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

So MVVM friendly. Thank you!

Murat said...

Very helpful component,thanks a lot !