Friday, June 28, 2013

MahApps Flyout Loading Panel

I have started developing a new application for work with the MahApps windows framework and I have to say it is amazing.

I love it because the whole window is restyle to look like a Windows 8 metro application and the flyout panel is a very nice feature to have in any application.

In this sample I would like to show you one of the power of this framework, the flyout control.

Loading Flyout Panel

Please let me know if you like it.


Like a cat said...

Hi, thanks for this nice program, i have a question that will kill me soon, how can i define another button that opens another flyoutpanel with different controls in it. please help me im trying for few days and i cant make it, it would be great if you help me. thanks Ben from Sweden

Huy Pham said...

Download the MahApps sample.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon! This file works fine whenever you compile it directly from the solution. However, when I use NuGet to get the MahApps files the compilation does not work anymore. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Marvellous example. Thank you for sharing. I tried this with the latest version of MahApps and I just can't get it to work. Perhaps you could hint me in the right direction? Thanks a million, great blog! CG Silva.

Cindy Dy said...

This is really an interesting topic. I had a great time surfing and found some important tips and information from your blog. Keep it up.


Masoud Rahmani said...
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Masoud Rahmani said...

when using newer version of MahApps .
The OnApplyTemplate tries to cast style of LoadingFlyout to SplineDouble but he has used too many EasingDoubleKeyFrame in the style for the setter of

you have 3 option
1- remove the base.OnApplyTemplate() ( recommended)
it is completely handled by the author .

2-remove the style template

3- change the Logic of style :D